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EARTHGANG & Spillage Village - Imagine [Kyle Devine Remix]

by Kyle Devine

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[Chorus: Doctur Dot & Rama]
(Mhm, yeah)
Paradise at your fingertips (Fingertips)
Imagine letting words slip, oops (Words slip)
Imagine life with all good days
Imagine what it could've been
Imagine if we had both (Both us)
But nothing really came close, hmm

[Bridge: Doctur Dot & Rama]
Mhmmmmm, hmm (Oh, oh, ooh, ooooh)
Ohhhhh, ahhh-ha (Oh, ooh, ooh)

[Verse 1: Doctur Dot, Rama, Both]
Imagine if you told the truth (Told the truth)
Imagine if the lies all worked (Worked)
Imagine ever needing proof (Needing proof)
Imagine only eating fruit (Sweet sugar)
And magicly your pain don't hurt (Don't hurt)
Imagine who I'm speaking to
Imagine being free for real
I imagine that's the sweeter deal (Sweeter deal)
Imagine slaving, imagine patiеnce, imagine tryna be still

[Chorus: Doctur Dot, Rama, Both]
Paradisе at your fingertips
Imagine letting words slip (Words slip)
Imagine life with all good days
Imagine what it could've been
Imagine if we had both
Oh, nothing really came close (Nothing, really)
Imagine if we had both (Both)
But nothing ever came close (Shit)
Imagine what it could've been (Coulda been)

[Verse 2: Rama & Doctur Dot]
Imagine in another way (Mhm-m-m)
I just don't even know that things will change (Mhm-m-m)
Imagine in another space (Ohh-h-h)
Aaaaaaaah, haha, yeah

[Verse 3: Johnny Venus & JID]
Close your eyes so you can see (This world is as small as an atom)
It's tiny as can be (Live, love, never been out of fashion)
Kinda like them tall tees, huh (And if you met God, what would you ask Him?)
Yeah, you could tell me
(You could tell me)
Imagine no lines at the DMV
If healthcare was really free
If I was you and you were me
Would we still judge each other so easily?
Imagine if all the bitch niggas fell off a cliff
Girls could live without the fear of being a hashtag
I know they blossom into life's gifts
My nigga came, you imagine that?
Pleased to be imagining so beautifully
Imagine not having that luxury, it fucks with me (Fucks with me)
Imagine being Jay-Z
I probably woulda bought Marcy
Imagine, the highs last forever, life got better, Cape Town perfect weather, taste of your sweet nectar
Imagine rose waterfalls
Niggas outta jail with their sons and daughters

[Outro: Doctur Dot & All]
(Ooh) Mmmmmmh (Oh-oh)
Imagine in another space
Ha-ah, ha, yeah


released January 8, 2024
Producer - Kyle Devine
Lyrics - EARTHGANG & Spillage Village




Kyle Devine Portland, Oregon

Kyle Devine is a captivating force across an array of genres. From hip-hop and house to R&B, pop, folk, blues, and rock, his versatile talents transcend boundaries. With a masterful command of sophisticated rhythms, he seamlessly blends classic and electronic instrumentation, celestial vocals, and mesmerizing basslines, effortlessly drawing listeners into his sonic realm. ... more

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